Dag 38. Crazy Norwegians

Dag 38. Crazy Norwegians

Lørdag 23. april. Summery from José – Crazy Norwegians

Until now I have had clients who had not taken me away from my comfort zone. All of them had travelled through places I already knew, and they always moved in schedules and distances that were within my reach to quickly solve any problem that may occur… until olèolè appeared. 

My name is José Francisco Winter, and I am the owner of Sudamericampers, a company that builds, rents and sells campers designed for traveling.  It is a micro company, so I personally attend to each client according to what they need, with the goal that they really enjoy their traveling experience and make the most of it.

olèolè had a very ambitious journey in terms of the kilometres to be driven, the chosen routes chosen and above all, the short time that did not allow almost any setbacks.

Crazy Norwegians

Mission impossible, my family said. Crazy Norwegians, my friends said. But in an act of faith, perhaps somewhat irresponsible, I accepted the olèolè2023 project and decided to do everything in my power to help them accomplish their mission. The two biggest uncertainties were possible mechanical failures that were very likely to happen on such a long trip, and the paperwork at border crossings where I had no experience with foreign tourists. But the goal was clear, and the decision was already made.

When I had already delivered the van to them, I learned that due to Chilean bureaucratic issues, they were not going to be able to cross with the Van by themselves the border from Chile to Bolivia, so I travelled to the north of Chile and got on the Van with them, and I was lucky to experience the olèolè journey from inside for a few days. There I could see the strength of this duo, a perfect mix of firm and clear objectives, but with flexibility to adapt to what the route and circumstances offered.  I saw a curious duo eager to see and discover everything that was possible during this journey. I saw a duo bonded by a friendship of years, who joke and made fun of each other, but always with a deep sense of respect. I saw a duo that wasn’t as crazy as my friends said. I saw a duo that added more than two. Maybe the mission was not impossible.

IMG 0296

The rest is history. Thanks to their clarity in their goal and their good energy, the planets and stars aligned in their favor and they accomplished their mission perfectly. For me it was also a great triumph. I learned about border bureaucracy that I didn´t know, I got to know new routes and best of all, I made two new friends. olèolè gave me an experience that pushed me to improve my company and I will always be grateful for the trust they placed on me.

Congratulations olèolè And cheers for a job nicely done!!

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Crazy Norwegians.

Crazy Norwegians.

Crazy Norwegians.

Crazy Norwegians.

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  1. En herlig historie om evner som sosiale kameloner med oppriktighet som de fleste sosialantropologer kan ta lærdom av. Jeg melder fra til instittuet på Blindern.

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